Henequén Costurado: Tradición Transformada en Creaciones Únicas

We do fair trade

Taller Maya is part of the World Fair Trade Organization. We practice fair trade with more than 200 artisans from 40 communities in the Yucatan peninsula. New generations are getting involved, more artisan groups are emerging and our story will continue...

our history

Joel Escalona
“Síijil arises from the very meaning of life and represents the harmonious relationship between nature, land and tradition from the perspective of contemporary design for the creation of more than 60 pieces.”
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i-D Italia
“"With their slow and conscious hybrid productions, these realities are proposing an alternative model to a saturated and polluting creative industry."”
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Textile Eye
“Mexico’s chief natural dye colors, explored here, have become favorites among the hundreds of dyestuffs available in the region, due in part to color and wash-fastness, and in part to their beauty.”
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Taller Maya
Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design formed by artisan social enterprises and a team that works for the promotion and development of the living Mayan culture. We are part of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and we are a certified B-Company.
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