Individual Liso (2pz)

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This is my original phrase: ‘Los manteles individuales, tejidos a mano en Henequén, fibra resistente utilizada por los mayas desde épocas prehispánicas, son accesorios minimalistas para la mesa. Producto sobre pedido Tiempo estimado de producción: 40 días.‘ Translation: ‘The individual tablecloths, handwoven in Henequen, a resistant fiber used by the Mayans since pre-Hispanic times, are minimalist accessories for the table. Made to order. Estimated production time: 40 days. SKU: TAMHOHCAM09102

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Taller Maya
35 x 50 cm

The Maya waist loom technique was developed in the western mountains of Guatemala before the arrival of the Spaniards. The technique consists of weaving cotton threads with a pair of sticks that gradually form a canvas with the weaver‘s movement to the rhythm of the bars. Henequen, being a fiber with qualities such as flexibility, softness, and durability, makes it the perfect raw material for this technique.

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