Frequent questions

What is Taller Maya? 

Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design formed by a multidisciplinary creative team that collaborates with established social artisan enterprises in the Yucatán Peninsula, working for the promotion and development of living Mayan culture.


What is Taller Maya‘s work process? 

Taller Maya functions as a platform for formal access to a global and fair trade network for artisans established in the Yucatán Peninsula. Through empowerment, self-management, and support provided by the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation, each artisan group creates and manages its own social enterprise, thus generating a sustainable source of income for these communities.


Who does Taller Maya collaborate with? 

At Taller Maya we work to give greater visibility to the work of artisans in the Yucatán Peninsula, as well as to generate opportunities for economic and social development for each community. This is why we create projects with key actors who share our vision of equity and cultural preservation.


What is the vision of the artisans of Taller Maya?  

Taller Maya collaborates with around 30 social artisan enterprises formed by artisans established in the Yucatán Peninsula. Each of these social artisan enterprises works to generate sustainable income for each of its members, using recovered techniques and materials specific to the region to create artisanal pieces that represent the importance of knowledge, culture, and the capabilities of the artisan communities of the Yucatán Peninsula.


What techniques and materials does Taller Maya use?

At Taller Maya we work with artisanal techniques, which are a blend of traditional methods with contemporary adaptations, based on a vision of cultural rescue in harmony with the community. The materials we use are characteristic of the Yucatán Peninsula and are extracted through sustainable processes with minimal environmental impact.


Where does Taller Maya work?

At Taller Maya, we work for the promotion and recognition of living Mayan culture, collaborating with established social artisan enterprises in the Yucatán Peninsula to create pieces that use techniques and materials specific to Mayan communities. Demonstrating that Mayan culture has an important place in the present.

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