Cojín Bacab Norte

$1,065.00 MXN

The Bacab Norte Cushion is woven on a cotton canvas and displays linear patterns with colors that symbolize the four cardinal points. The Mayan worldview was closely linked to the movement of the stars and their relationship with earthly and spiritual existence. It is great for decorating any type of cushioned furniture. Filling is not included. Care: It is suggested to hand wash with soap or neutral detergent. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for greater care. SKU: TAMHOTMCJ02905

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Blue, Black, White, Pink, Purple
45 x 45 cm

The Mayan backstrap loom developed by this same culture in the western mountains of Guatemala. The loom is attached at two ends, one of them being the weaver‘s waist, and consists of weaving threads through a weft and warp. It is practiced by women to weave colorful fabrics.

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