Melipona Bees Honey

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The honey of the Melipona bee is produced by a native species of bees called Melipona Beecheii, considered the soul of the jungle since they only feed on endemic flowers and help with the pollination of the area. This delicious honey, with a delicate fruity flavor and aroma, is highly prized, as a Melipona bee soap produces barely one liter of honey per year. It is considered a healing substance by the Mayan culture. SKU: TRASPATPROTER0062

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Yellow, Ochre, Translucent
200 ml
Miel Melipona

Considered a gourmet honey and classified as a divine elixir for its medicinal and nutritional properties, melipona is a mystical substance that has been harvested since pre-Hispanic times and is now one of the most exported honeys internationally. Melipona honey is a darker amber color, has an acidic taste, and is less thick than Tsitsilché honey. The melipona harvest ends in June, when the rainy season begins. Occasionally, if the weather permits, it is collected in September and October, but generally, once a year, when the weather conditions are suitable, it is hand-collected directly from the hives or soap bars. Each soap bar produces between 1 and 2 liters of honey, which, due to its complexity and production quantity, makes it a very valuable substance.

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