Sayab Pants

$2,095.00 MXN

Piece made in collaboration with designer Kris Goyri. The Sayab pants match the Sayab shirt, which represents the jaguar as the king of the Mayan jungle and guardian of dreams. The jaguar shines brightly through this hand-embroidered set on cotton fabric. From the fine drawing on a blank canvas, one can glimpse the experience and skill of the artisans. SKU: TAMMOCOPA02102M

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Raw, Orange Embroidery
Medium Size

Hand embroidery originated in pre-Hispanic times in Mexico and transformed during the Colonial period, when the technique of cross-stitch was learned from Spanish women. This technique is used to embroider elements of nature in bright colors. Sewing, a skill to strengthen the process of making handicrafts, through patterns that shape the measurements of the body.

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