Tortillero Balero

$790.00 MXN

Hand-woven tortilla holder from Jipijapa, natural fiber native to the tropical areas of the American continent. The circular shape of the tortilla holder responds to the weaving process of jipi that normally starts from a circle. The color pattern is inspired by cheerful moving wooden toys. Made to order. Estimated production time: 40 days. SKU: PRMHOJICE03999102

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Raw, Black
Taller Maya
Ø 17 x 9 cm

The jipijapa fabric, a native plant from the tropical areas of the American continent, began to appear in Campeche around the year 1800. Artisans collect the jipi to prepare its fibers until obtaining different thicknesses. This fiber weaves in a humid environment and the process depends on the fineness of the fabric, which can take from one week to one month.

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