At Traspatio Maya (EST. 2018), we are certified as a B Corporation and by the WFTO, guaranteeing fair and sustainable business practices in the Yucatán Peninsula. Producers are the heart of the value chain, committed to sustainable traditional agroecological practices, cultivating high-quality vegetables, fruits, salts, honeys, and native corn. Our goal is food and economic security for Mayan communities, promoting self-consumption, traditional milpa planting, and the conservation of endemic species and native seeds.

Currently, we collaborate with: 43 milperos, 5 salt producers, 72 meliponicultores, and 27 horticulturists in the three states that make up the Yucatán Peninsula.

We are a commercial brand that connects Mayan rural producers from the Yucatán Peninsula to fair markets. Products planted and harvested by hand

From the heart of the earth

Traspatio Maya salts are harvested in pools from the seas of Yucatan in the same way the Mayans did 2,500 years ago. They are dried and cleaned by hand to obtain a handmade product that preserves all the mineral properties of the salt.
The honey of the melipona bee is highly valued by the Maya people. The knowledge about its conservation and harvesting has been a generational legacy that Maya producers practice today. At Traspatio Maya, we promote the importance of protecting the melipona bee, and the biocultural and medicinal richness of its honey.
The Maya milpa and native corn represent Mexico‘s biocultural identity. Planting and harvesting the milpa requires expert hands and ancestral knowledge of Maya men and women who work the land with love and respect, preserving the seeds as a treasure for all humanity.
Pide tu Huacal
Mayan backyard gardens are nourished by ancestral knowledge of nature, allowing families to have food security through self-consumption and consumption within their own communities. The reactivation of this activity strengthens and ensures the rescue of native flora and the different Mayan communities that participate in this initiative, which has created an expanded network of local commerce in Yucatán. Through memberships, families and restaurants can acquire a crate with products harvested using good agroecological practices that guarantee the food security of the producers. There are two harvest seasons per year where, for 20 weeks, you receive a weekly delivery of your crate with fresh vegetables; with this membership, you become part of the Mayan Backyard community gastronomy and enjoy the taste and richness of the Mayan countryside.
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