From the heart of the earth


Each flavor is the portrait of a culture and each ingredient is the work and heart of those who produce it. Traspatio Maya represents agricultural groups from rural Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula, dedicated to sustainable production and fair trade of salts, honeys, corns, and vegetables.

Their products represent the magnificent balance of nature. They harvest in an artisanal way under fair working conditions, rescuing ancestral Mayan techniques and improving global production practices.

Backyard Maya salts are harvested from pools in the Yucatan seas in the same way that the Mayans did 2,500 years ago. They are dried and cleaned by hand to obtain a handmade product that preserves all the mineral properties of the salt.
The honey of bees was highly appreciated by the ancient Mayans. They became great meliponiculturists and used honey as food or medicine, as well as in their religious ceremonies. Nowadays, entire families have inherited this tradition and collaborate with Traspatio Maya to continue obtaining this precious honey.
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Discover Taller Maya, a collective brand rooted in the rich Mayan culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to revitalizing ancestral techniques and generating sustainable income opportunities
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